10th Annual Kids Fishing Contest

August 3, 2024 10:00 AM

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Join us for our 10th annual fishing contents. Fishing starts at 10:00 AM, Weigh-in at Noon. Weigh-in will be at the Seanger/Baker's dock's just north of the boat launch.


  • Kids up to age 16
  • Contest is for total weight of all fish caught
  • Door prizes for all registered contestants
  • Raffle for even more prizes
  • Winners will get a prestigious Crookneck Lake fishing trophy!


  • 10:00 am - We will sound the horn signaling everyone can start fishing
  • Noon - Weigh-in will start at the Baker's dock (just north of the boat launch)


  • Kids fish from 11am until 1pm
  • Bring fish to the Baker's dock for weigh-in at 1pm
  • After weigh-in you must bring the fish back with you for release (no releasing at the Baker's dock)
  • Move to the Seanger's dock for door prize and raffle
  • Anchor out in the bay for trophy winners

Fishing Regulations and Limits

Please be mindful of the DNR fishing regulations. We are going to be slightly more restrictive than the DNR regs to make sure we are being good stewards of the lake:

Crookneck fishing contest limits, no more than:

  • 20 Sunfish
  • 10 Crappie
  • 3 Pike
  • No pike between 22”-26” are allowed
  • Only 2 per person over 26”
  • 2 Bass

Good Luck!

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